So I went through Lauren’s likes and this is some of the stuff that I found….. Take it however you want.

Olivia Wilde responds to Ann Coulter’s Happy reaction to the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict

At 7:00 these girls say that once paige is out of the picture and emily can “get away from that environment” she’s gonna start dating guys again… WTF?! do they not understand what being a lesbian means?!


People have been coming after me all day on Twitter for being Pro Choice and the majority of them have been men. When will people stop treating women like we’re just vessels and like we can’t decide when we do not want to have a child whether it be for medical reasons or because we just don’t feel like we’re ready. This is our bodies. You don’t get to force any woman to have a child for your moral purposes. I refuse to let any woman be treated like our decision to have sex some how justifies someone else’s decision to force us to have a baby that we do not want or cannot take care of. This is our bodies. You do not get to decide what is best for us!

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Final Moments of the Filibuster (HD)


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Yes, unfortunately idiots like this actually exist